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Make yourself at home

Congratulations on moving into your new home. Here are some helpful tips along the way.

Rental Payments

We expect you to keep your rent 2 weeks in advance throughout your stay. If a disaster occurs and you find yourself temporarily strapped for cash, please contact us immediately. Far better that we talk it through and find a way to allow you to get back on top of it all, than put yourself into a situation where you are breached for rental arrears.


We’ll send you notice when its time for your routine house inspections. Landlords like to know that their place is being maintained in top condition. We inspect 1 month into the tenancy, then every 3 months afterwards. Let us know in advance if there are problems, for example leaking taps, dud light switches or whatever, and we’ll try to fix things during the inspection to save bothering you unnecessarily. Like damage mentioned elsewhere, please contact us straight away if something isn’t working properly. That’s our job to keep things in great shape for you. Phone or email us any time.


Don’t own a mower? Don’t worry, you won’t need to buy expensive tools when living with us! Most of our rentals have backyard maintenance included in the rent.

Wall decorations

We all like to have pictures & photos of family and friends around our house, turning the house into our own space. This is generally approved following a quick chat with your property manager, but remember that any hooks and holes will need to be plastered and painted should you decide to move out. It is also important for your property manager to assess what is being hung to ensure enough support is given to not damage the wall, and we offer stud finders for loan as required. Wall decals are not permitted due to their difficulty in removal and high probability of damage.


Body Corporate by-laws in some complexes may allow the keeping of pets, subject to owner approval. Be aware that some owners set hard and fast rules prohibiting pets in their property, whereas other owners may consider pets on a case-by-case basis. It is critical that you seek the owner’s permission through your property manager before bringing any animal into the property.


Please report damage to your property manager as soon as it happens, allowing us to take action immediately and stop the problem getting worse. We have arranged for repair of all types of problems, so whatever the issue, we will help find a solution.

Consider your neighbours

Please remember that you are living in a small community with obligations under council, body corporate and complex regulations. Noise carries. Consider entertaining within your house with garage door down and windows closed, instead of outside, where the noise can disturb others. Most people appreciate when you make the effort to be considerate, and return the favour. Win – win.

Our moving services

If you need to arrange moving in or out of our properties, we can recommend companies that will not only help with moving, but also arrange for the relocation of phone and power services. We also occasionally have tenants offer to share their moving boxes after they are no longer needed.

Cleaning Advice

Contact us for recommendations of cleaning products that work – especially to remove those horrible water marks on the showers!