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The onsite management difference

As a Landlord, you want peace of mind knowing that your property is looked after and your investment is secure. While a cornershop agency may take interest in your property every other month, an onsite manager spends the most part of every day in and around your neighbourhood. An onsite manager is therefore much more aware of events and issues that may affect your property and tenants. Onsite management provides……

  • Security

The proximity of onsite management helps ensure complex security is maintained. Tenants feel safe and owners have peace of mind knowing that their property is monitored and protected.

  • Accountability

Onsite managers have long and close personal contact with tenants from their initial contact, through the interview and inspection process, checking of rental and employment history, signing of documentation and well on past their settling- in stages. Essentially, our tenants are our neighbours. Effective tenant selection results in long-term, productive relationships where everyone – owner, tenant and manager – benefit.

  • Community

Effective onsite management fosters a sense of community. Consideration for others and friendly, respectful relationships promote an environment where disruptive or destructive tenants are not welcome.

  • Accessibility

Onsite managers provide reliable and convenient contact for owners and tenants.  Access for tradesmen is easily arranged and visits by owners are welcome.

  • Inspections

Onsite staff perform regular inspections – 1 month after commencement of a tenancy, thence 3-monthly – so are familiar with all premises and alert to deterioration or damage. The certainty of inspections ensures presentation standards are maintained and issues with tenancies detected early. Following inspections a report is emailed to the owner.

  • Repairs and Maintenance

Many minor maintenance issues are identified and dealt with in regular inspection visits, thus keeping tenants happy and your property in optimum condition. Repair costs are minimised and unnecessary expensive call-out fees avoided where possible.

  • Monitoring & Supervision

Living and working locally, onsite caretaking staff set high standards of presentation in a complex and its immediate neighbourhood. In performing their daily duties in common property and exclusive use areas, they are a constant monitoring and supervisory presence.

  • Local Knowledge

Onsite management is a reliable source of accurate & timely information on local real estate trends, vacancies, current rentals and sale prices.  Residential managers network effectively to maintain high occupancy levels.


To put it simply, we at Manly Management CARE.
We are a hands-on family based management team who take pride in the way we conduct OUR business of looking after YOUR business.